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UniteYou is a free online and mobile community brought to you by Unite the Union, the largest union in the UK and Ireland. It gives us all an opportunity to get our voice heard and take action on the things we care about – be that working together to get our voice heard in Westminster or saving local ambulance services.

 You don’t have to be a full Unite member to be a member of the UniteYou community. UniteYou is just here to help support all of us through relevant news, interesting actions and useful surveys.

The UniteYou community is the biggest community in the trade union movement and by working together we have managed to help win change on Zero Hours contracts, Pay day lenders and other employment rights.

This site is the community’s home on the web, it will be where we can get our voice heard by those in power as well as giving us a way to work together to make all our communities better.

Get involved now by clicking here and get your voice heard. 

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